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   *[[grabbing_of_the_court_site_using_python|Grabbing with Python and Grab framework]]   *[[grabbing_of_the_court_site_using_python|Grabbing with Python and Grab framework]]
-  *[[m_permutations_of_n_using_johnson_trotter_algorithm_on_vbscript|How to create m-permutations of n without ​repetitions ​on VBScript, using the Johnson-Trotter algorithm]]+  *[[m_permutations_of_n_using_johnson_trotter_algorithm_on_vbscript|How to create m-permutations of n as sequences ​without ​repetition ​on VBScript, using the Johnson-Trotter algorithm]]
   *[[using_google_people_api_in_csharp_net|Использование Google People API в C#.NET приложениях]]   *[[using_google_people_api_in_csharp_net|Использование Google People API в C#.NET приложениях]]
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